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Protect Our Women Tigray Can't Wait Long Sleeve Shirt for Medical Kits

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Product Details

  • Classic fit
  • Pre-shrunk for extra durability
  • Double-needle stitched collar, shoulders, armholes, cuffs, and hem

100% of proceeds from this shirt is donated to provide medical kits for victims in Tigray. 

Your donation will go towards the cost of mobilizing medication to victims in Tigray.

We've partnered with United Tegaru Canada (UTC) and Health Partners International Canada (HPIC) to deliver medical kits to the victims of the humanitarian crisis in Tigray.

One kit contains about 600 treatments, and will have a 1 year shelf life from the day it arrives in Tigray. The items in these kits are donated by Canadian Pharmaceutical companies and the healthcare industry. The kits being sent to Tigray will contain items determined by a needs assessment done by Ayder hospital. Sample kits contain antibiotics, pain medications and electrolytes and more. 

HPIC is a registered charity dedicated to increasing access to medicine and improving health for the world’s most vulnerable people. Since 1990 they have provided over $600Million in donated medical supplies to ~25million people in 130 countries. They have been working in Ethiopia, including Tigray since 2003 and have mobilized over $600,000 in medicine throughout the country. 

To learn more about HPIC or to donate directly, visit 


A Breakdown of Your Donation

It costs about $20 on average to make this shirt, which includes manufacturing and production costs like printing. 
About $1.50 on average goes to taxes (this can vary anywhere from $0 when we're delivering to places like Seattle or $2.25 for San Francisco). 

The average cost of shipping is $3.99 for a shirt, which is covered by us when your order total is over $35. 

We've taken it a step further.

To keep our costs low so we can donate more, we don't have any branding or fancy labels on our donation items. While these customizations make a brand memorable, we think this money can be better used by the nonprofit organization we're raising money and awareness for. 

Size Guide



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28 32 37.5
3XL 30 33 38.5
4XL 32 34 39.5
5XL 34 35 40.5

Our shirts are unisex, so ladies all these numbers just mean that ordering your true size will give you an oversized fit. If you’re looking for something a little more form fitting order a size down.