Tigray Genocide: 8 Grassroots Organizations and Funds You Can Support Today

Tigray Genocide: 8 Grassroots Organizations and Funds You Can Support Today

A common question that comes to mind as we read about the human right atrocities being committed in Tigray during the ongoing invisible war is, "how can I help?"

No matter where you are in the world, you can advocate for those in Tigray suffering in silence, whether that's by signing petitions, encouraging your representatives to take action, attending protests, spreading awareness through social media campaigns, or donating to organizations on the ground. 

Below are 8 organizations and funds that need your help to support internally displaced people in Tigray and refugees in Sudan.

This isn’t intended to be a comprehensive list, and we'll do our best to update it regularly.    



Health Professionals Network For Tigray (HPN4Tigray) is a nonprofit, non-religious, and non-partisan organization made up of volunteers from health and other sectors in the diaspora, who are committed to improving access to healthcare and other humanitarian needs in Tigray, Ethiopia and beyond.

All donations go towards the support of internally displaced populations in Tigray and refugees who have fled to neighboring countries

Donate: hpn4tigray.org

Advocate: Find and Write Your Representative


Ahwatna Relief Organization 

Ahwatna is a grassroots effort powered by a group of sisters across the diaspora and Ethiopia helping our sisters in need in Tigray. 
The name Ahwatna comes from the Tigrigna word for our siblings. 
Ahwatna’s mission is to provide medical aid, financial support, food security and other basic life necessities to the displaced people of Tigray with a specific focus on women who have survived SGBV as a direct result of the war. 
Donate: General Donation for Tigray (Cash App)
Donate: Medical Aid for Rape Survivors Tigray (GoFundMe)



Ethar Relief

Ethar Relief is a UK based humanitarian aid organization operating in East Africa and the surrounding regions. Established in 2006, Ethar Relief exists to ease the suffering of refugees. Their goal is to help those who need it, regardless of ethnicity, gender or religious beliefs.

The severity of the conflict has threatened the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, many of whom were already vulnerable. A huge number of those affected were already refugees or internally displaced by the recent floods, natural disasters and regional conflicts. 

Ethar is providing shelter, water, food and medicine. This includes basic preventative measures to stop disease outbreak, such as mosquito nets to put around children as they sleep.

Donate: etharrelief.org 


Lola Children’s Home

Lola Children’s Home is a registered NGO in Mekelle, established to provide assistance to HIV-affected families. Founded by Abebe Fantahu, an orphan who escaped the 1985 famine in Tigray, Lola aims to improve the lives of orphan children especially those affected by HIV and is currently providing education and health services to over 80 orphaned children. 

Lola Children’s Home is raising funds to support women and children who are displaced due to the ongoing war in Tigray. The Emergency Project fundraising will provide basic necessities like shelter, food, water, and health services to the children, mothers, and expecting mothers who are most vulnerable. 

Donate: Lola Children's Home Emergency Project (GoFundMe)


Rise Up For Tigray

Rise Up For Tigray, along with their partner, Tigray Youth Network have reached over 10,000 internally displaced people (IDPs) through their GoFundMe fundraiser and campaign efforts. 

As of May 2021, Rise Up For Tigray has raised over two million birr providing essential supplies like shelter, food, medical supplies, bedding, toiletries such as feminine hygiene products, baby formula and essential items across Mekelle, Axum, and Adigrat. 

Donate: Rise Up For Tigray (GoFundMe)


Make Injera Not War

Make Injera Not War partners with and donates 100% of proceeds to Operation Rescue, an NGO based in the capital of Tigray. Operation Rescue focuses on supporting orphaned and vulnerable children by providing meals, medical assistance, and academic support. Operation Rescue has been supporting local children for the last 20 years with care centers located in Mekelle, Adigrat, and Adwa. 

Operation Rescue has set a goal to deliver 100 tons of food to Operation Rescue children along with the thousands of refugees and displaced people who are in dire need of support. 

Shop: Make Injera Not War (100% of proceeds donated)

Donate Directly: Operation Rescue

Read more on Operation Rescue's Emergency Relief Campaign for Tigray


DW Tegaru Foundation 

Since November 2020, more than 70,000 refugees from Tigray are seeking shelter, food, and safety in Sudan. All donations raised are used to support these refugees in Sudan. Follow @dw_tegaru_foundation on Instagram for updates on their efforts. 

Donate: Third Round Tegrayan Refugees Rehabilitation Fund (GoFundMe)


Tigray Foundation

All donations are used to support Tigray refugees in Sudan and internally displaced people in Tigray. Follow their Instagram (@tigray_foundation) for updates on their distribution of aid. 

Donate: Tigray Foundation (PayPal)


KONJO by Design

We are proud to create products that raise awareness and donate 100% of proceeds to support internally displaced people in Tigray and refugees seeking safety in neighboring countries. 

Shop: shopkonjo.com (100% of proceeds donated)

Donate Directly: HPN4Tigray, UNHCR's Tigray Emergency Fund 


This is not intended to be a comprehensive list, and we'll do our best to keep it updated. To request an organization be added to our list, please email us at info@shopkonjo.com. 

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