5 Easy Ways to Support Tegaru Owned / Tigrayan Owned Businesses This Holiday Season

5 Easy Ways to Support Tegaru Owned / Tigrayan Owned Businesses This Holiday Season

This year, supporting Tegaru-owned / Tigrayan-owned businesses matters more than ever! 

Why We Should Invest In and Support Tegaru-Owned Businesses

Tegaru-owned businesses are often making an impact far greater than filling their own pockets. Tegaru-owned businesses strive to make a difference in the lives of the millions of internally displaced people in Tigray and refugees seeking shelter, safety and food security outside of Tigray. By supporting a Tigrayan-owned business, you are supporting their efforts to serve other Tigrayans in and outside of Tigray. 

Supporting Tegaru-owned businesses also helps build relationships and boosts community morale.

5 Easy Ways You Can Support A Tegaru-Owned Business 

The best way to support any small business is to shop there often, (obviously). However, there are many other ways to support a Tigrayan-owned business that make just as big an impact and yes, your support can be completely FREE! 

1. Follow and Engage on Social Media 

This doesn't cost you a dime but social media engagement is crucial for the success of any Tegaru-owned business. It seems pretty simple but liking, commenting, and sharing their content on social media is huge for business owners. We can only support Tegaru-Owned businesses if we know about them, so if you see a business, share their page or posts! Not to mention, running various social media accounts for your business can be daunting, engaging on social media is a great way of encouraging our Tigrayan business owners. 

2. Write Rave Reviews 

You don't need to spend all of your money on a Tegaru-owned business to help them thrive. Another great way to offer your support is to write positive reviews. For a brick and mortar business, like a restaurant or store front, leaving reviews on Yelp or Google can be a game changer. For online businesses, sharing their website on socials like Twitter or some of your favorite Facebook groups can help expand their business. 

3. Share With Your Social Circles 

Repeat after me - you do NOT have to be Tigrayan / Tegaru to support a Tigrayan / Tegaru-owned business. So share Tegaru-Owned businesses with your friends, cohorts, and co-workers; the more people who are aware of the opportunity to buy from a hardworking, Tegaru-owned business, the better. Even greater, it doesn't cost anything to share!

4. Encourage Them

If you're Tigrayan, chances are your life was completely turned upside down on November 4, 2020. Running a small business is hard, feeling discouraged is not uncommon for most small business owners, and it becomes exponentially more difficult when you're battling with your emotions every day. Simply encouraging Tegaru business owners can be so meaningful. Sending someone a message, email, DM, tweet, or anything with some kind words of encouragement is always, always appreciated. 

5. Subscribe to Their Email List

This one's really easy, and it usually comes with perks for you. Email lists allow Tegaru business owners to speak directly to you, offer you exclusive discounts, and learn more about what you want from them as a business. This is a really simple way to show your support and stay connected to the business. You can also reply to emails to send those aforementioned meaningful words of encouragement (see bullet number 4). 

There you have it, five surprisingly simple (and free) ways to help and support the Tegaru-owned businesses that support Tigray. 


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